VINNIE PAUL's House Has Been Demolished

2022-06-16 14:58:36 By : Mr. Mr Long

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The house was originally purchased in February.

Pantera and Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul's former home in Arlington, TX hit the market for $750,000 in February. The house sold pretty quickly to an anonymous buyer, and that was that. Unfortunately according to former Ride For Dime charity event promoter Derek "D-Rock" Walker, the house has been demolished. In a Facebook post, Walker lamented the destruction of the house and posted some photos of the now-empty lot, and claimed that the home was sold to private investors for a new build.Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.

"Absolutely gut wrenching and heartbreaking. This is what remains of the monument that was Vinnie Paul's home in Arlington, Texas.

"This was not only a heavy metal landmark, but a staple in Pantera's rock and roll legacy. Sold off to private investors to be leveled for a new build. If you were fortunate enough to be invited over, cherish the memories forever…

"Ironically enough the last photo of Vinnie Paul's Play House, the 'Brick Wall' stands alone. 💔"

Blabbermouth points out that Leah Winfield, wife of Pantera producer Sterling Winfield, commented on Walker's photo saying that Paul's estate and home were handled to his wishes. "Heartbreaking at times, but his stated terms," she noted. "Maybe this can help folks be a little kinder to those fulfilling his final wishes."Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.

Vinnie Paul's estate is currently being auctioned off, including stage-used drum kits and various memorabilia. Check that out here.

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