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2022-07-28 22:46:06 By : Mr. Ray Chow

PURDY, Mo. (KY3) - Clean-up efforts began Thursday at a recovery home in Purdy after a storm damaged trees and parts of a roof.

Trees can be seen blocking the driveway at the coach’s field of faith recovery home for men. One resident says the storm didn’t last long but it was scary for everyone living here.

Purdy’s David Berry says the storm came through around 5:30 Wednesday evening. He heard a loud roaring noise outside his window. Then the front and back door of the house flew open.

”It sounded like a freight train roaring through,” said Berry. “Literally, it sounded like you we’re on top of the train. The sky was almost black.“

”It was loud. It was a loud boom,” said resident Justin Schoon. “It was straight-line winds.”

After the storm passed Berry and others went outside to check out any damage.

”There were shingles scattered everywhere and torn off,” Berry said. “There was a roof in the holler down here. Part of the metal roof actually got removed.”

Berry says 21 men live at the recovery home, and they’ve all been eager to pitch in and help clean up the debris in the yard. Resident Justin Schoon says right before the storm hit they all decided to move their cars from the driveway where trees are now scattered to the back of the house.

”A lot of gentleman going back and forth to different areas in the community for employment,” said Schoon. “It’s a sober living facility, and we’re just trying to get people back to work.”

He says had they not made the quick decision to move their cars, it would’ve negatively affected many of them.

”We would’ve been out, we were thankful we we’re able to get them moved,” Schoon said.

Berry says it’ll take a while to get their home cleaned and areas fixed up. However, he’s grateful no one was hurt.

”Take care of your families,” Berry said. ‘Always remember that we never know what time it’ll happen for us so we’ve gotta be prepared.”

Trees can be seen blocking the driveway at coach’s field of faith recovery home for men. One resident says the storm didn’t last long, but it was scary for everyone.

Berry says community members including a local church have even offered to help saw and remove the trees in their yard.

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